When can I travel to New Zealand again from overseas?

New Zealand’s border has been closed for a considerable length of time due to Covid, but the time is coming where the country will once again be opening up to international tourism. Up until now during the pandemic, anyone arriving from overseas has to spend 2 weeks in quarantine besides, in some cases, travelers from Australia and other nations in the region.

The vast majority of the world has been blocked out of NZ since the pandemic began.

New Zealand tourism operators will be very keen to welcome travelers back to stunning New Zealand.

The goal of Covid-safe travel is, through vaccination, to do away with mandatory quarantine to travelers. While it is still likely to be some time until international arrivals can enter NZ quarantine-free, this time will come during 2022 and it allows people to start planning that long awaited trip to New Zealand.

Although the New Zealand has not yet made a final decision on when the international borders will re-open to travelers, it is likely to be early 2022. We eagerly await further updates from the NZ government about border re-openings and the resumption of international travel to the country. One thing is certain: travelers will need to be fully vaccinated and this is one thing you can get in order to ensure you are not going to be restricted from spending time in this spectacular country when the time comes.

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