Climbing Mount Fyffe – Walking to the Summit of Mount Fyffe, Kaikoura NZ

Walking the Mt. Fyffe track rewards you with the very best views of Kaikōura. From the summit of Mt. Fyffe, you get a full panaromic view of the Kaikōura Peninsula.

Climbing to the summit of Mt Fyffe is a hard walk for experienced and fit hikers.

If you go right to the top, you’ll be walking up a steep rocky road that’s 8km (5 miles) each way.

In total, you ascend 1400m (1.4km or 0.86 miles) to the top of the mountain.

But the view at the top is astounding!

Full views of the coast and Kaikoura Peninsula.

How long this strenuous hike takes you will fully depend on your fitness level. Remember, walking up hill is considerably more taxing than a flat walk so even if you’re comfortable walking 8km (each way), keep in mind the additional fatigue that can set in from steep walking. Take more than enough water, and snacks, as well as sun protection.