Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue Groups

What do you do if you come across injured wildlife while you’re in Kaikoura?

Firstly: never take the animal with you. Not only is it illegal, it will also compromise the animal’s welfare and chances of survival.

Contacting a wildlife rescue group is the way to go. Alternatively, you can drop any injured wildlife off at a local vet.

We have put together a helpful list of the local wildlife rescue organisations that work to help wildlife in need throughout Kaikoura and the surrounding region. Remember: these wildlife groups are all run by volunteers who put in considerable time and effort without pay, and often with little to no financial support. Consider a donation (no matter how small) to support their work and to contribute to the all important task of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing the beautiful wild animals of the Kaikoura region.

Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue

This group primarily works with the numerous species of seabirds and water birds throughout Kaikoura. From albatross to ducks, gulls to shags to penguins, Native Bird Rescue do amazing work when it comes to rescuing birds who have often met a terrible fate due to human impact: car strikes, fishing line and other pollution entanglements and many more situations.

The group rescues all birds in need though, including owls, pigeons, passerines and any avian requiring help. Check their social media for regular updates, and visit their donation page if you wish to contribute to their amazing and much needed work – Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue donations.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaikourawildliferescue/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helpingseabirds/

Found an injured native bird: Follow the instructions below to get in contact with Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue, as well as information on what to do in the short term after you’ve rescued a bird.