Kaikoura Coast Track – 37km (23 miles) 3 Day Walking Trail

Whether you have three hours, or three days, the Kaikoura Coast Track walk is a must do.

Experienced and energetic hikers can take on the entire three day track.

But even if you only have a short time to spare, or simply aren’t into overnight multi-day walking, portions of the Coast Walk are still well worth doing for the scenery alone.

However: if you want to do the whole walk and have access to the two overnight stopping locations and accomodation (a total of three nights accommodation) in cottags, there is a cost: NZ$235.

The walk will take you through farm scenery, natural bush and beach environments.

It’s a walk that suits those with a moderate level of fitness, but keep in midn that at 37km (23 miles) and over three days you’ll be pacing yourself at over 12km (7.5 miles) walking per day.

Even though it’s a private paid for walk, it is self guided the whole way – but signposted well along the way.

Where does the Kaikoura Coast Track start?

The official starting point is actually well south of Kaikoura – about 45km (28 miles) to the south at Ngaroma (The Beach House at 356 Conway Flat Rd).

If you start there, you’ll enjoy some stunning scenery early on in the walk as it takes you up the magnificent Hawkeswood Range from where you get superb views of the iconic Kaikoura mountains.

Because of the private nature of this walk and the accommodation involved, there are limited numbers so you do need to book in advance.

This is what you get when you pay the fee for the Kaikoura Coast Track three day walk:

  • 3 nights accommodation in cottages (including bunk beds, kitchen, shower)
  • Accommodation includes produce from the farms and optional home cooked breakfast and dinners).
  • Bag transport

Because the bulk of your bags can be transported, there’s no need to load up on the walk with your entire belongings – just go out with a day bag each day.