Ice climbing in new zealand

Ice Climbing – Glacier & Waterfall Ice Climbing

New Zealand is well known for its extreme sports and activities, and one of the more thrilling experiences you can have here is ice climbing.

What is ice climbing and can anyone do it?

If you have any experience with abseiling, rock climbing or mountaineering, ice climbing will be a natural extension for you.

If you’re totally new to any type of climbing, you will be starting at the beginning – but we all start somewhere.

Whether it’s in New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes or other top ice climbing destinations around the world, no matter what experience level and what confidence you have there will be a professional instructor who can guide you through the A-Z of an unforgettable ice climbing experience.

Regardless of your experience, a certified instructor can not only guide and assist your ice climbing expedition, but provide invaluable feedback and technique advice. For experienced sole climbers who are capable of undertaking your own climbs, a world literally awaits and there are many countries that will be on your to-do list. New Zealand is certainly one of the best ice climbing destinations on the planet. With its vast mountain ranges, glaciers and waterfalls, NZ can be considered the ultimate ice climbing location.

Ice Climbing Gear – What Do You Need?

If you plan to do some ice climbing as a one-off activity while you’re visiting NZ or another destination, local instructors will always have gear to loan out to you. But once you start getting into ice climbing as a more regular activity (and it is addictive), you’ll want your own personalised gear that specifically suits your skill level and the type of climbing you plan to do. Thankfully, the most expensive part of ice climbing is the travel itself – the gear requirements as you’d expect are quite minimal. Yet every piece of gear is going to be critically important – not only to how it potentially adds or subtracts from your experience, but most vitally from a safety perspective. Buy it once and buy it properly could not apply more strongly than it does with activities like ice climbing and abseiling, where you will often be literally putting your life in the hands of your equipment.